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RhondaRhonda was born in Southern California. Her parents didn’t want her to get too much sun, so they headed north to Vancouver when Rhonda was 11 years old. In fact, Rhonda has worked at Spanky’s longer than she lived in SoCal: 14 years! Did you know that Rhonda was a Battle Ground Rose Festival Princess? Yep! That was the year the float was Dr. Zhivago.

An avid reader, you can usually spy Rhonda devouring murder mysteries.  Some of her favorite authors are Mary Higgins Clark, James Patterson, and Patricia Cornwall. She also finds inspiration from the writings of Karen Kingsbury, Max Lucado and indulges in the work of Nicholas Sparks (the guy who wrote that 5-Kleenex story, “The Notebook”).

Now, what makes Rhonda rock out, you may wonder? Always Earth, Wind, and Fire! And if you asked her what’s now playing, it would be Adele, Journey, Michael Jackson, Bob Seger, Mary Mary, and Third Day.

Rhonda is a true resale-ian. The first thing she does when she travels is look up where the consignment shops are. So far, she’s pinned these places on her resale map: Palm Springs, North Carolina, Arizona, and Hawaii. To keep up that shopping energy, she will dine on her favorite Mexican food, although she loves all food and will try any dish once! Just for fun, we asked what three things she always carries in her handbag (a staple of every smart shopper): “lipstick, gum, and reading glasses!”

One of her favorite things about working at Spanky’s is that she just plumb loves consignment. Every day is different and she loves the variety of clothes that come in. She jumps for joy when a consignor brings in clothing that’s in good condition and a great brand. Only some things are more exciting than pricing a consignment that she knows will make the consignor a nice sum of cash.

Being an experienced manager, Rhonda’s best advice has certainly served her in many situations. Her guiding principle has been, that “’This too shall pass,’ because ‘stuff’ always happens. What matters is how you deal with it. And when dealing with a situation involving conflict where there is disagreement, I always ask myself, ‘Will it matter in a week, a month, next year, or even tomorrow?’” Certainly that attitude has contributed to her successful marriage of 30 years to her best friend and husband, Jeff. They enjoy being together, are looking at an almost-empty nest, and get great satisfaction by spending time with family and friends, and of course, vacationing any sunny place where there are consignment shops.

Deanna Hailing from Kalama, Washington, Deanna is a resale veteran who’s worked at Spanky’s for 27 years! She says not very many people know this about her, but she and her husband met on her 21st birthday at The Attic in Longview. They have been married for 37 years. She has a pet box turtle, loves listening to the soundtrack of “RENT”, and you’ll find the Bee Gees, Neil Diamond, and Barry Manilow on her iPod. Deanna says she’s happiest when she is with family. Her hobbies include hiking in the Columbia Gorge, so while we won’t disclose her absolute favorite secret spot, you might find her at Tamanawas Falls. To re-energize after a long walk or hike, she’ll enjoy a cheeseburger at Hood River’s Cebu Lounge at the Best Western lodge or halibut fish ‘n chips at Cap'n Yoby's in Kelso, Washington.
One of her favorite things about working at Spanky’s is the friendships she’s made with consignors and co-workers. Having seen a lot of clothing come over the counter in her years, she still jumps for joy when a consignor brings in cute girls clothing sized 9 months to 3 years.

One of the best pieces of advice she’s received is to always be yourself and treat others with respect. When asked who has inspired her the most, she says, “Mary S. Our friendship started when we met as room-mothers for our sons' kindergarten class. Mary has endured many health issues, including cancer over the years, with her husband, Richard, by her side. At her belated birthday party in July, I watched Mary circulate through her crowd of friends—making sure each of us felt 'special' as only Mary can do. Mary inspires me by her smile, love of family & friends, and 'I can do it' attitude.” Deanna, you are an inspiration to us all, too! Thank you for sharing your story.

Erika Meet Erika, Beaverton Store Manager. . .
"My father was in the Marine Corps, so I spent my childhood traveling the world. I was lucky enough to live all over the United States, Italy, and Puerto Rico. It was tough never spending more than 2 years in one location, which is why I feel lucky that my family and I can call Portland home.

My hobbies are anything that I can do with my family. My boys keep me busy. We do anything from going to the park or library to having a family night every week where we either play a board game or watch a movie together. We have two cats (Dark and Luna) that love to cuddle and keep us entertained. Favorite food....hmm that is a tough one. I am not a picky person and I enjoy food A LOT. I do have to say that I love any type of vegetables. I could each spinach and brussels sprouts all the time. Unfortunately, my family hates it.

Music is a big part of my family and we love all types. Right now you can find on my iPod The Pixies, The Beatles, The Black Keys,

Mable John and The Last Days of Dreams. There are so many more that I can list off. I listen to a lot of music from the 50's and 60's, as well as alternative music from all years.

I am a newbie to Spanky's. I have only had the pleasure of working there since mid August. Working at Spanky's is AMAZING! My favorite part of it is the people: whether they be my co-workers, who are like family now, or the customers. Don't get me wrong, I love the clothes, too! I have been a consignment and thrift store fanatic for years. You can always find the best clothes at amazing prices. Every time I get to see what someone has brought in, I turn into a kid at Christmas. I just can't wait to see all the "treasures" I might find. I jump for joy when a consignor brings in boots. I love boots! You can wear them anytime of year with practically anything. You can never own too many pairs.

Something most people would not know about me is I am a big dork. I love comic books, superheroes and so much more. I have spent many hours debating with my husband and friends as to who is the best superhero and villain. My oldest son and I love to sit down together and watch Battlestar Galactica. And my youngest son and I spend time coloring pictures of superheroes or reading comic books.

The best advice I have ever received is from my mother. She has taught me that no matter what, there is always a bright side to everything. No matter what obstacle I come across, there is always a good thing to it. If anything, it can be used to make myself stronger. It will make me a better person. I am happiest when I am surrounded by my friends and family. The 3 things I always carry in my purse are lip gloss, gum and a picture of my family.

My inspiration/hero is my husband Tim. I would not be where I am today without him. His caring, supportive attitude gets me through my day. He is an inspiration because he has shown me that no matter what, you can always do what you put your mind to. And he proves it. He has been a straight A student his entire college career. He is able to do this and still have plenty of time for his family and for writing a book. I know that no matter how my day went, I will always have him to come home to. I know that he will support and love our boys and me no matter what. He is everything to me. Without his love and support, I would not be who I am. He has made me believe in myself. He has helped me better myself and become a stronger more confident person. Every day I find time to tell him thank you."

Tammy moved to the rain-soaked hills of the Vancouver area from a corn-fed life in Nebraska at the early age of 3 years old. Growing up in Hazel Dell, she enjoys reading, hiking and walking. You'll always find these three things in her purse: her wallet, Carmex, and hand sanitizer. The best way to get on Tammy's good side is to bring her some chocolate - just ask the other Spankettes who governs the chocolate basket at work! She jams to all sorts of music (except country) so that means her iPod is chock full of upbeat, fast-paced songs to keep her heart rate up.

Tammy has been a Spankette since 2005. Her favorite things about Spanky's are the customers, consignors, and co-workers. Tammy is over the moon when consignors bring in size 8 shoes. Her retail experience includes having owned a liquidation store for close to 10 years in Canby, Oregon.

The best advice she ever received? "Only you are accountable for your actions." She is the happiest on a warm day when she is hiking with her husband in the Gorge. She derives inspiration from God, her Dad, and her husband. She says, "They have made me who I am." And we are glad to know you, Tammy!

Natalie, a 6-month Spanky's veteran and resident Ebay expert, grew up in Sacramento, California. She loves to cook, play guitar and drums, and do anything arts and crafts related. She has one dog, a Cocker Spaniel named Mad Max, and two cats, Zoe and Shanaynay. Her love for animals has influenced her recent decision to become vegan, so she is having fun trying new recipes. Her favorite food is butternut squash ravioli (or anything with butternut squash in it!). Music-wise, her current obsession is with Stevie Wonder, Mumford and Sons, and The Decemberists. Something you might not know about Natalie is that she is a fantasy novel enthusiast, citing "Lord of the Rings", "The Game of Thrones", and "The Chronicles of Amber" as some of her favorites. Other things to know about Natalie: "Don’t force it!" is the best advice she's ever received and says it's prevented her from breaking many things, including tagging guns. You'll always find Chapstick, gum, and her cell phone in her handbag.

Her favorite thing about working at Spanky's is the excitement of something new coming in at any moment. She loves seeing the unique items consignors bring to the store.

What really gets her heart a-pumpin' is whenever consignors bring in the designer items. The craftsmanship on designer handbags and clothing is very inspirational to her.

Natalie says her personal inspiration comes from her fiancé, Jason, as well as her parents. Jason is a great inspiration through his loving support of encouraging Natalie to follow her dreams. As for her parents, "They are such hard workers and have overcome so many obstacles, and always seem to do it with a smile on their faces." Thank you for your smile, Natalie - you inspire us, too!




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